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Schnurr Kirsh Oelbaum Tator LLP has specialized in Estate Litigation Law since 1974, with a practical, results-oriented approach to estate disputes.

After many years of experience and expertise in the area of Estate Litigation, we can resolve our clients’ concerns quickly, efficiently and professionally. We have acted for estate trustees, beneficiaries and claimants in the widest range of estate dispute areas, including:

•    Contested Wills
•    Passings of Accounts
•    Trustee Conflicts
•    Dependant Support Claims

Our expertise extends to Guardianship Applications and Powers of Attorney Disputes for clients and their families facing capacity issues. These often complex cases are dealt with in a sensitive and caring manner.

Our firm also offers mediation and arbitration services in an effort to resolve disputes at an early stage.

Schnurr Kirsh Oelbaum Tator LLP is a leader in Estate Litigation Law with offices in Toronto and in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.

TORONTO: 416.860.1057 or BOWMANVILLE: 905.623.5252

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Practice Areas

Contested Wills
To be valid, a will must be a free expression of the wishes of the testator with respect to the distribution of his or her estate upon death.
Trustee Disputes
A person named in a testamentary document who does not wish to act may renounce his or her entitlement to act as an executor and trustee and file that renunciation with the court.
Passing of Accounts
Accounts are presented for approval either voluntarily by the trustees or when trustees are compelled to do so by any person appearing to have a financial interest in the estate or trust.
Will Interpretations
On occasion the intentions of a testator as expressed in his or her will are unclear. This may be a result of poor drafting or a change in circumstances following the execution of the will that was not contemplated by, or addressed, in…
Dependant Support Claims
Ontario legislation permits a testator freedom to select the beneficiaries of his or her estate except that a testator has a positive obligation to make adequate provision for the support of his or her dependants.
Claims for Services to an Estate
Individuals often provide services to a deceased person upon an expectation that the individual will be remunerated or will benefit upon the deceased's death.
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Our Commitment to Professional Education


At Schnurr Kirsh Oelbaum Tator LLP we firmly believe in continuously staying up-to-date on the relevant issues in the areas of Estate Litigation and Mental Incompetency Litigation. Our lawyers lecture, write, and teach in these areas.

The lawyers have spoken frequently for the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners Canada, and many other professional and community groups.

Brian Schnurr has authored two leading texts in these areas: Estate Litigation and The Annotated Ontario Estates Statutes. Members of the firm have contributed regularly to these texts.

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