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Dependant Support Claims

Ontario legislation permits a testator freedom to select the beneficiaries of his or her estate except that a testator has a positive obligation to make adequate provision for the support of his or her dependants.
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Will Interpretations

On occasion the intentions of a testator as expressed in his or her will are unclear. This may be a result of poor drafting or a change in circumstances following the execution of the will that was not contemplated by, or addressed, in the will.
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Passing of Accounts

Accounts are presented for approval either voluntarily by the trustees or when trustees are compelled to do so by any person appearing to have a financial interest in the estate or trust.
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Trustee Disputes

A person named in a testamentary document who does not wish to act may renounce his or her entitlement to act as an executor and trustee and file that renunciation with the court.
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Contested Wills

To be valid, a will must be a free expression of the wishes of the testator with respect to the distribution of his or her estate upon death.
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