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Tag: <span>passing of accounts</span>

No Two-Year Limitation Period for Passing of Accounts

by Mitchell Rattner Attorneys for property and estate trustees have a legal obligation to maintain complete and accurate accounts of the transactions which they undertake in the course of performing their duties.  Passing of accounts refers to the process of obtaining the Court’s approval of the accounts. In 2016, and again, in 2018, the Ontario Court […]
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Elizabeth Bozek to Chair OBA program “Complex Passing of Accounts”

by Robin Spurr, Published: October 03, 2014 Elizabeth Bozek will be the Chair of the Section Program presented by the Ontario Bar Association, Estates & Trusts Section, on November 25, 2014 on “Complex Passing of Accounts“. The panel will review how estate litigators should approach complicated passings of accounts by estate trustees and how to avoid […]
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Consider whether a passing of accounts is worth it

by Rob Levesque, Published: February 04, 2014 Felice Kirsh was recently quoted in an article on In “Consider whether a passing of accounts is worth it”,  Ms Kirsh emphasizes that beneficiaries of an estate should take time to consider, from a monetary point of view, what’s at stake before insisting on a passing of accounts.  Continue reading here.
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