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Tag: <span>wills and estates</span>

No Two-Year Limitation Period for Passing of Accounts

by Mitchell Rattner Attorneys for property and estate trustees have a legal obligation to maintain complete and accurate accounts of the transactions which they undertake in the course of performing their duties.  Passing of accounts refers to the process of obtaining the Court’s approval of the accounts. In 2016, and again, in 2018, the Ontario Court […]
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Buzz Aldrin Guardianship Dispute & the Importance of Planning for Incapacity

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is suing his two children and his business manager for improperly taking control of his finances, using his funds for their own benefit, and defaming him by stating publicly that he suffers from dementia. This lawsuit was brought in response to a guardianship application commenced by Aldrin’s two children. Regardless […]
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Powers of Attorney – Common Myths

by Mitchell Rattner Last November was the Ontario Bar Association’s “Make a Will Month”, and I spoke at Barbara Frum Library about the benefits of having a will. While a will is an important and effective tool for directing how your property is to be distributed following your death, powers of attorney enable you to authorize […]
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Estate Planning – Digital Assets

by Mitchell Rattner When meeting with a lawyer to discuss estate planning, most often the client will consider the dispositions of his/her real property, personal possessions, business interests, and other investments. Proper consideration also needs to be given to the extent and nature of the client’s digital assets. Almost everyone has a digital presence, but every […]
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